What’s making commuters lift the train? If you know… will be pretty inspirational.

“One, Two, Three, lift…” No matter male or female lift 90-tonne train. If does someone resent the society nowadays. Nope. From Australian man’s leg somehow wouldn’t walk fail into gap on his commute Wednesday morning. Luckily, His fellow commuters who come to rescue, meanwhile, dozens of passengers joined together and lift the train so that appear that moment what you seen.

Come on, Look at what the hell happened?

Australian guy’s leg trapped between the 90-tonne train.

Fellow commuters come to rescue.

Dozens of passengers joined together and lift the train.

The man was immediately taken to a hospital.

Take a few minutes to watch below the video.

Good news for the man who sustained no serious injury, furthermore, there’s no caused congestion and delays on incident. It was people power that saved life. Once again, What they did restore your faith in humanity.

H/T: train commuters managed free man leg stuck to him

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