Toronto’s notorious rooftopper set food on death but enough to breathtaking.

It keeps a sober mind to face to “Rooftooping”. This ideas that would have been downright dangerous if broke the law to practice. Photographer Tom Ryaboi involves daredevils climbing to death-defying heights and take these breathtaking pictures. If you are afraid of height, you have to change your perspective in the way.

Tom Ryaboi with a team of like-minded friends and snap beautiful shots and amazing cityscape.

Someone darling their feet from the edge of a building,

top-toeing one ledge,

or hanging from a rail,

each image presents a unique.

It’s dangerous,

But it’s gorgeous explore and appreciate urban landscape.

Daredevils avoid security and CCTV to take pictures of things that you think aren’t possible.

To success, He dress office building like he work here or dress construction site as workmen.

“It’s in my blood. When I was a child one day, my dad came home from work and found me sitting on top of the fridge.”

“I’ve been on the top three tallest buildings in Toronto. But I often tell people it’s not really the height the matters.”

“The coolest views are often from lower buildings nestled in between the tall ones.”

“You really get a sense you’re in the urban ‘jungle’ then, surrounded by this forest of concrete, steel and glass.”

Tom has inspired other rooftoppers to join it by using internet.

“I’m not the first in the world, but I’ve introduced about 20 people to rooftopping and now groups of men and women are all trying to do it.”

This is extreme-sports, and even beyond, dangerous sports. Don’t try to follow suit.

(H/T: dailymail)

Share this paltry activity with others, but again, these series of photography shots is stunning.

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