To loser, Chinese Family made “The Mission Impossible” done in as short as 6 months.

Verbal Bullying is general behavior these day. For example, as far as your body was concerned you can’t deal a vigorous counter-blow. Now, you can stop this bullying. WORKING OUT. From Chinese family, they are spend 6 months finish an mission impossible. The before-and-after photos look unbelievable. WOW…

(Source: Instagram / Weibo)


Jesse, he is photographer, 32-year-old.

It’s time to plan a weight loss program to bring them back their passion for life.

All he done he owe to his pregnant wife.

Jesse’s father and mother was move in his family temporarily to took care of his wife.

Is there a great change? This is before-and-after photos below.

They start jogging firstly.

Gradually, they move in gymnasium.

Father and son carried out by timing tracking results and made adjustment.

They are encourage each others from time to time.

They are running along the Highway and wooded path with painstaking efforts, sweat pouring sown their face.

They sticked to their fitness regime for half year.


You can see they are more confident in themselves.

If you don’t think lose weight is a problem, this will change your mind. Share this kind of life with others, this is a best fighting back.

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