These guy armed with appliance. So, It was a day of unrest among Spanish nationality.

The uncertain economic outlook has given Spain the one unrest day on the December 28. Citizen attack each other with appliance. It was called “Els Enfarinats” one side of married men who stage a coup, taking over the town, declaring and enforcing ridiculous new laws. Another was called “La Oposicio” who try to restore order. The snigger of distant smog were growing more ominous.

Don’t be frightened of my rot. Actually, This is a traditional festival from one town of lib, Spain. The date back more than 200 years. To celebrates the festival of Els Enfarinats, a mock battle is must. Besides, all money collected in fines by Els is donated to charity at the end of that day. Check out these malodorous, powered, sparking and explosive pictures.

The traditional Enfarinats hold on December 28th in the town of Ibl, Spain.
The festival dates back more than 200 years.

Revelers in fancy dress took to the streets.

The mock battle taking place outside the town hall.
One side was called “Els Enfarinats”.
They stage a coup,
Taking over the town,
And enforcing ridiculous new laws.
Another side was Called “La Oposicio”.
They try to restore order.
Participants attack each other
With eggs,
fire extinguishers.
But, At the end of the day, all money collected was donated to charity.

This is what the tradition came down to.

Wow, Amazing. But its symbolic meaning should be greater than its realistic meaning. I think if we engaged in a concerted effort to reduce unnecessary and exorbitant waste firstly. Anyway, it was, after all, one day.

(Source: The Atlantic)

If you are planing on a trip to Spain that day, don’t forget to take protective action in time. Share it with others.

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