There’s something wrong after seeing the Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio, trust me.

“12 Extraordinary Stars, One Momentous Year” famous magazine, Vanity Fair declares. Indeed, 12 Momentous Stars, One Extraordinary photograph. Photographer photograph charming & glamour picture by cleverly editing photographs. The outcome is a magical, “real” photo is three legs and extra hand. And it became capital of an after-dinner speaker’s stock. Even the actress herself was amused by interactive dialog on twitter. OK, check out these puzzled photography and funny suggestion on twitter.

(h/t: boredpanda)

Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio published on website.

Did you noticed that there is something working on this picture?

@Space wifey @Zoe twitter their reaction on twitter.

Well, extra-legs, I noticed it.

More interactive dialog from @slivia @Reese Witherspoon

To be hidden ghost’s hand.

@TCoughlin @here comes the death @Scott M. Fulton III @Christine Jackson @Tyler Oakley @Oprah Winfrey @VANITY FAIR make them first reaction.

Obviously, This is failed photograph, who know? I just know it is successful commercial advertising hype. They won a lot of people discuss about it as well as stars. Share it with others.

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