When a autistic boy was attacked in a moment… epic hero come, What it did is awesome.

Whoever said cats don’t love their owners! It was even  hero, save the boy. Cat is our best friend as well as loyal dog.

From Bakersfield, california Jeremy Triantafilo who has mild autism was riding bike outside his family’s home.  A dog crept up on boy from behind and pulled him to the ground. the Cat  has enough force to push it away from the boy. Under satety, then return to check on Jeremy. Hero cat is Tara.  If  watch the scene of saving, you feel buoyant.

A malicious dog through an open gate and crept up on him from behind.

the cat saves boy-3

Then suddenly, it who exposing beast nature pouncing on the boy and trapping  his leg.
With sharp teeth biting and pulling him to the ground after Jeremy instantaneous fall.

the cat saves boy-4

When the boy is rather helpless. The cat Tara, with the enough force to rushed toward  the dog like an arrow by speed of light.

the cat saves boy-7

The Cat  has enough force to push it away from the boy.

the cat saves boy-8

Tara then chases the dog away the back of car. Satisfied that it’s safety .

the cat saves boy-5

Tara then returns to check on Jeremy. Luckily, he wan’t injured more.

the cat saves boy-6

‘Tara is my hero,’ Jeremy said, adding that she saved him from ‘a mean dog – I got an owie!’

the cat saves boy-1

the cat saves boy-2

No matter how far you are living, The best friend is alway there and not to mention person.

source: dailymail

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