Are you sure this is carpets? Nope, something that you never seen.

If I told you this is camel’s coat (to be more accurate said, camel’s hairstyle), would you believe it? When you see artist Megumi Takeichi, you had to accept it all. Ms. Takeichi is 30-years-old from Japan. As artist and even hairdresser this time, she attended annual Camel Festival in India. To be seem the ‘ship of the desert’, aside from camel haircut, the event include camel races, rides and dances in the western region’s Bikaner.

Takeichi has more experience thanks to the past five years. You’d find it green at first, but stick at it is hard. Ms. Takeichi created amazing complex patterns and characters resembling Hindu deities by using a pair of tiny scissors this time. Next, you will find incredible patterns coat that cover the three-headed creatures.

(Source: dailymail)

The hairdresser’s artwork celebrated the annual camel festival in the West Indian region.

At the past five years, Megumi Takeuchi has been invited the ’ship of the desert’.

Takeuchi produces amazing patterns by using tiny scissors.

She flat shovel smooth through the camel’s hair as it lies on the sand calmly.

The design features characters resembling religious deities which are symbols of good luck.

Ms Takeuchi won second prize in the camel hairstyle.

It is hard to think this is not camel carpets. The only problem is how she calm down the camel’s temper, I think. Share Takeichi’s incredible patterns coat of camel with others. Namaste!

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