Judges kept trying to hold back their tears, but difficult enough because…

Sometime, music is the best language. So, something motivated Vernon Barnard his musicianship by chance. He step on the stage of The Voice South Africa. The next thing that happened, however, touched judges all. Check out his rendition, ‘Story of My Life’.

Vernon was born with glaucoma. He underwent 16 operations before turning5, but he kept his faith and had survived. Even though he can’t see anymore, he transmitted his powerful message to the audience. ‘I must bring my own light to the darkness.”

(Source: Youtube)

Share this moment which give us tears and inspiration with friends. You need these!

Ps: Music appearance had its resonance. So, I pick up two song of my best, ‘Chanson De Toile’ and ‘Des Maux Mal Soignés’. Hope you like.

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