She spilled a cup of coffee and triggered 70K follower.

We have become so conditioned to spilled food. To Giulia Bernardelli, however, She triggered 70K follower.

Giulia is Italian artist, 27-year-old. As received a bachelor’s degree from the Academic of Fine Arts of Bologna, She should be get a pretty decent work. However, her road of art is too bumpy ride. At present, She work at a museum.

Faced with a bleak future, she walk into coffee shop.  Adding to insult to injury is spilled coffee next. Coffee stains more like double dark clouds wouldn’t out of her mind. She struggled with the question and doodle something. O-M-G! Scroll down your mouse you can find more epic spontaneous work to you.

Life is like a cup of coffee. It mellow full-bodied, soft mouth plump, brought long aftertaste and unforgettable unique interpretation of taste before spilled, However, The life is royal mess and bleak after. We need CHANGE.

(Source: mymodernmet | Huffingtonpost | instagram)

Share Giulia’s inspiring  story with others. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

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