This is not secret as photos below but fews people take.

As if you had prefect body as proud, what experienced you taken were met a real drag. You’re forgot how to smile, how to post. That’s why pot belly is not surprise to us.(Maybe, the stand of beautiful woman in nowadays is the double chins and bucket waist.) Fortunately, you get six free tips to say goodbye for your evil look from Ohio photographer Jodee Ball. Check out these simple secrets of taking photo or taking selfies. Get ready for “Cheeeeese”.

Strike a carefree pose

Turn your body away from the camera by about three quarters

Be careful with your hands

Lower your shoulders

Bend your knee
Tilt your head slightly

You might on the cover of a magazine, right? Or else, the real pot belly accompany you to take the Geek title instead of magazine cover. Come on, take your camera. Lower-Yours hands and lower your shoulder, Right.

(Source: Boredpanda)

Share these tips to your bitch friends. They’d thank you.

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