Even if she actually is he, well, he also feel that because he enjoy!

Three shooting…How adorable! Right?  Richard Schaefer, 21-year-old, aka TheOfficialAriel,  from Orange County California, a freelance makeup artist who turns himself into Disney princesses. Why does he have so much act? He looks androgynous, right?  Many peers think so. He was got tons of bulled and aways from him when he was in school. He sprouted a idea to escape from reality during the tough studying life. He had to turn these comments into positive something that transforms himself into Disney Princesses. As you see these pictures below, his makeup skills is remarkable skill, and, incredible resemblance! I think I love her as well as male.

He is getting an unparalleled success at present. He said Each trans formation takes hime about two and half hours from start to finish. Like that he has lasted for four years. “Dressing up has made me feel more confident as a person,” he adds.

Now, his newfound self-esteem and love for his craft shine through in every character he puts on. He, this genius, Richard has captured innumerable feminine heart on his Instagram.

She actually is he…

(Source: Metro | Instagram)

Share this incredible transformation with button below. Does Richard is going to act as protagonist  the next Disney Film? Director :)

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