What the girl put a hex on her old Starbucks cups would leave you breathless.

A privy place to rest and think, a secluded romantic spot, a Secret Starbucks Garden(That’s right. Secret garden + Starbucks). Ohio artist, 19-year-old(Not long age, she exciting announces she enter her 20th year ), Carrah Aldridge has come up with one the best unique way we’ve thought a fag-end cups on our hands. Carrah takes the old Starbucks cups, with a white gel pen and comic markers, turns them into inconceivable work of art.

Her work is amazing, and the only thing what you did is quit sitting on the coffee shop. Just waiting until you see these that you find the real secret and fun.

Carrah’s inspiration from an artist, Kristina Webb who drew on a cup. No matter what they did bring extra bonus to Starbucks undoubtedly. If you are interesting to see more Secret Starbucks Garden. You can follow her on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

(Source: Boredpanda | Instagram)

Share these mysterious garden of coffee cups, and play as sherlock and help her solve the mysteries.

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