Putting aside your trouble, what the old man did would bring you happiness.

I’m not sure whether you are keen on tennis. Never mind. I assured you I didn’t come here to commentate on live. I am Santa, bring happiness to you.

On the video below, you don’t think organizers invite a comedian. He is Mansour Bahrami, retired player, Iranian. Mansour would turned out a quite creditable performance with top international tennis player, Henri Leconte, Robbie Ginepri and Mats Wilander on new season WTC 2018. He will teach you what is hat-trick, what is crossover as well as basketball. And even, even, what is 9-ball in(ok, this is not snooker.) One ball into trouser pocket while he lose game, En… Angry? He is crazy! It is a great pity that the moment hasn’t upload on it by the video editor. Why not??? Well, check out video below. I would tell you with responsibility that the rest is so funny and amazing as well.


Although Mansour isn’t actor, his performance definitely deserves Tennis Oscar Award. Share this senior buddy with others. Have a nice day!

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