Why did the man in his underwear forded water toward the car, Driver or passenger?

If you in your underwear jogged in the street, then you should be bound to lost the bet. On the contrary, the man in his underwear did something to warm our hearts.

Auxiliary police, Mr. Zhang is 50-years-old from Hefei, Anhui. Local temperature is hover near freezing, naturally, the workload of cop is rising.  Hefei police station received a call for help that four person trapped in the car. It was the first thing cop Zhang took off his uniform. And then he in his underwear rushed the spot. Why did he do that? His response was he want to delay the next task.

Maybe you have nothing after seeing. All right, You notice the being frozen water. Check out these heartwarming pictures below.

(Source: Weibo)

Even severely cold weather which cannot be vanquished by fiery heart of human. Click on sharing button below and share it with others.

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