They takes MacBook to a new level of cringeworthy. So what?

In this digital age, many people might document almost everything by using selfie sticks while they’re outdoor. If installing something is unique, suddenly, you will became the focus of attention of the passerby. That’s why enthusiasts Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle have a new project that repurpose macbook. They took MacBook selfie sticks to parade around New York City. It sounds amazing but a little bit embarrass.

That’s cringeworthy enough to obsessed with documenting their selfie. Next, share these on Facebook and Instagram. And then, Needless to say…selling. Unluckily, These MacBook Selfie Sticks aren’t for sale.

(source: mashable)

Share the new high tech with others. Someone has to laugh over this stuff.

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