Losing parrot lands on reporter. So dramatic event getting ready to happen.

On Tuesday, Nine News reporter Brittney Kelyn was assaulted on live television. Luckily, attacker is parrot rather than people. The runaway guy lands on Kelyn’s shoulder so as to make her turn pale. Dramatic event getting ready to happen after the hilarious news post Facebook immediately.


Owner Michelle Mills commented on the Facebook that it was her losing bird after watching video.

She said it was ‘Unexpected’ seeing her bird on the news. That was a bit bizarre.

Parrot named Lola, 18-month-old-old Sun conure which had flown away from home the night prior. Somehow she had stumbled into headline.

I think the parrot eager to go home to need the support of media. Ironically, If you lose, you would have ask for live television instead of cop. The simplest thing you can do to follow lostpetfinders to find your pet:)

(Source: dailymail | Facebook)

Share the dramatic surprise story with others. You can never underestimate the power of the media. It done.

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