When the Lord play a trick on the couple, somewhere else he look after them.

When the Lord closes one door, somewhere else he opens a window. The classic sentence was perfect for this couple’s engagement.

Josh Morris and Morgan Daye, a couple from Tennessee, whose engagement photos taken was chosen in front of Bald River Falls. And as a result, the falls were FROZEN under freezing temperatures(25°F or -3°C) when they arrived there on foot. A completely different approach seems to hold sway they went in. Nevertheless, Photographer turned their photoshoot into a unique and memorable magical fairytale story. Now check out these gorgeous photos below. And how would the couple talk themselves about affair and photographer Kellie Elmore how to talk about it.

(Source: People | Kellie Elmore)

“It was so beautiful that people didn’t even believe it was real. They thought it was photoshopped,” Josh Morris said.

“I don’t know what words to say right now,” Daye said. “If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, at least one of them is bound to be “freezing.”

“She was in a dress that had an open back, so that mist was just hitting her the whole time. I was just in a tuxedo, so I was freezing,” Morris said.

“I was freaking out a little on the inside, but we kept it cool for the camera,” Daye added.

“When we got there we were just amazed how it looked in real life,” photographer Elmore said. “There were tons of people there, but they happily moved out of the way for us.”

“We didn’t’ expect it to be frozen over. It was just God who showed up and did this. Everything fell into place,” photographer Elmore said.

“It was my wedding gift to them,” Elmore said. “But we didn’t expect the waterfall to be frozen. It was majestic.”

Like this kind of thing is a matter of chance rather than choice. I advice everybody don’t think about it. Instead, you can share these gorgeous and stunning engagement pictures with your friend.

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