A great photojournalist re-display rare antiquated photographs of Japanese Edo-era life.

Felice Beato was war photographers and was widely considered to one of the world’s first photojournalists. He was born in Venice but became a British citizen and by virtue of his special identity start his photographic trip. Beato, who was living in Yokohama between 1863 and 1877, and was given an unusual amount of freedom by the Shogunate.

Beato display some of rare photographs of Edo-era Japan set which by using his stint to photograph Japanese daily life. Check out these antiquated photographs that you’ll find something is unusual than others.

It is wide range of subjects among these photos, including courtesan, geisha, samurai and businessman. Not only did Beato’s work is influence of age but also document human’s life by risking his lives. As for colored you seen, each of the photographs was bolloxed by hand. As you known, such as this consuming process is quite hard in the 1800s. More Beato’s work you can visit in London where display at the first time.

(H/T: dailymail)

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