How did you treat your lawn? THIS, is absolutely epic.

How did you treat your lawn? Unless you like user on Reddit who have a giant vegetable garden as unique fun. Or else, The lawn would become Mosquitoes colosseum. That’s why the awesome homeowner opted for vegetable garden instead of glossy lawn. The next day what happen is absolutely epic.

Actually this is lawn as you see.

This is homeowner front yard in June.

Placing some barn siding on lawn.

Owner opted vegetable instead “screw the lawn”.

It seems install water supply system.

Filled cinder block with compost too.

The work is come out.





And owner built a “free veggies” box to help spread the wealth.

Green Onions

Beets keep coming.

Romano Musica Beans.



Peppers are just showing up.

Tomatoes are also just getting ripe.

Squash blossoms!

And of course…flowers.


The project will draw to a close.

My neighbor was been a contrast.

The owner ambitions is that will be the next his project.

During this summer, You can witnesses the magical things happen. Come up with treat your lawn, tasting your freshly vegetable.

(Source: Imgur)

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