Do you still believe Ads? If look inside what fast food Ads versus real thing, you’d like to breakdown.

Fast food contain high calories, sodium, trans fats and so on generally. For this reason people take it as junk food. But does that stop people  eating it? not at all.  What make us do? Most reason is from advertisement.

Every year Fast food companies spend a great deal of money on advertising. In fact, it turn out the food we see on television or in advertisement  is exactly the opposite.   If you compare between fast food advertisements versus the real thing. Wow!  that’s a letdown.

Burger_ads_7 Burger_ads_4 Burger_ads_3 Burger_ads_5 Burger_ads_1 Burger_ads_6 Burger_ads_2

However, If you get served flat instead of rough, hard instead of floppy in future, would you are able to stop eat it. I doubt it. Junk food will make american more and more huge. Truly.

Source: laughterizer

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