You thought children sitting like this could care less. In fact, seriously.

I don’t know whether some of walking state did you get them in street. “M” style, look like a little introverted girl. “W” style, look like an upstart. I make an inappropriate pun but all success to our parents.

Parents thought children give themselves a peace of mind as long as they calm down, no more, just little. Instead, they commonly overlooked kids’ sitting. It is impossible not to keep alert that look like no big deal. In a long run, It could harm your child.

Luckily, a simple way can save your child from error to error.  Check out this health lecture below.

If you see children sitting like this STOP them, immediately.

It is important to a health body no matter how walking or working. As children, they’ll thank you when they grow up.

(Source: Youtube)

As matter as fact, crossed legs is comfortable. Share this worrisome issue with others.

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