He assist team to win on Euro 2016 opening but behind success always have a story of struggle.

He gave an inspiring opening performance on Euro 2016. One long-range strike that assisted France team to get three points. His name is Dimitri Payet. He is hero, but we think back to decade-old which have vastly different situation.

He struggled for life when he was in the youth team. He had to supplement his modest wages with a day job, he serviced in a location clothes shop. The video below shows Payet who service customers and here earned rave reviews. Soon, he established himself as a hot prospect. Check out this adolescent retail assistant. He is really endearing.

He’s in serious straits when he was in the youth team.

Payet earning extra wage on French clothes shop.
Smiling for the camera, he is little bit bashful.
He service the elderly customers and earned rave reviews.
There, Since he established himself for his feature.
His long-range strike which assist win in squad match. He is HERO.

Check out video below, how does Payet service his customers.



Not everyone is so straight and flat road on his life. This is a nice reminder that a player’s life isn’t always quite as fancy as it might appear like Payet.

(H/T: Dailymail | Youtube)

Share this inspirit video with others. Life gives us choices…you either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the  sidelines.

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