They had to have relax in US Bank. So they decide to do astounding activity.

I had butterflies in my stomach because something I worry about for them. There would be preparing to welcome some of braver.

The U.S. Bank Tower is a Los Angeles landmark. You never know one of interesting sport on it. Nearly 1,000 feet above the streets of downtown, the fully enclosed slide combine by lots of glasses of 1 ¼ inches(3.2cm) thick. Called “Death Skyslide”, it was settled the building 70th and 69th floors. The whole exciting journey only takes about 4 min(a near-death experience). Come on, dude.

U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles which is the biggest skyscraper west of the Mississippi.

Called the “Death Skyslide” which sits nearly 1,000 feet above the streets of downtown.

The 45-foot-long slide from building 70th and 69th floors.

It is a piece of glass that’s 1 ¼ inches(3.2cm) thick.

One time need 4 Minute.

You feasted your eyes on a beautiful scene.

One harder blanket is need.

She try to selfie.


If you are seeking for a EX-game, why not you don’t try it? Tickets to observation deck are $25 per person. $8 costs for sky-slide. Remember taking your harder blanket.

(Source: dailymail | buzzfeed)

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