Dad recreated real world for his son’s drawing, How he did it was funny.

Dom is six-year-old. He likes sharing his drawing with others in his Instagram, which is not supposed the end for his dad. Explosive thinking’s dad wanted to did something for his son. Then, dad recreated these working into real world. The results is…I have to say how father did it was genius.

#1. Sun-Lion

#2. Laughing clownfish

#3. Bucket-elephent

#4. Butterfly incubation

#5. Lighthouse-Giraffe

#6. Twisted Mr. Bean

#7. Feature car

#8. Em. Close original

#9. Are you sure this is sheep?

#10. Bingo. Oil tanker.

#11. What’s the hell. Dinosaur-Zebras?

#12. Ghost? I have never, ever to see.

#13. Be observant. Good boy.

It looks a little bit of creepy, yet it is full of humor, but I think he carried it to extremes.

(Source: Instagram)

Share these genius drawing with others. You are not be able to find it in the world.

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