Some of creative origami dropped on the floor, and then something unexpected funny.

A paper at rest will never move unless meeting Haruki Nakamura. Artist and designer Haruki Nakamura uses a type of automated paper puppet called a karakuri that has hidden inner mechanisms. This mean when pressed, prodded or dropped on certain places, the paper(or called puppets.) come alive. Nakamura’s craft mixes that tradition with kirigami, an art that combines paper cutting with origami or paper folding. No matter how you trigger its mechanism, something unexpected happen. !!BOMB!! The evil puppets who well camouflaged will amazing pop-up in front of you. Check out these amazing paper animal puppets below.

Well, More amusing origami creations from his book Paper Mechanism: Let’s play with Kamikara! Nakamura has been putted on those fun paper animal puppets in his online shop, they’re available only in Japan at present. If the kirigami that inspired your origami interest, check out How to Make Mechanical Paper Models That Move or Origami Paper Toys that Walk, Jump, Spin, Tumble and Amaze if you’re overseas. More info. About Haruki Nakamura, follow his facebook.

(h/t: geocitites mymodernmet)

A sheep wearing wolf’s clothing

Tumbling Octopus

Penguin Bomb

Curled Armadillo

Stretch Bear

sheep wearing wolf’s clothing

Cat Box. Suprise!!!

Wolf snaps sheep. Help!!!!

and Matchbox.

Japanese designer Haruki Nakamura, He was pioneer in the field which turning a stationary kirigami into unexpected and unusual moving ways.

Nakamura was inspired by The Art Of Folding & Cutting Paper.

Maybe this puppets come to the best entertaining toys or the weird trick’s gizmos. Share those amazing puppets with friends. It’s excellent alone or with them.

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