What are they doing when classical painting figures walk out gallery.

We must walk into gallery when we want to see painting. But we never thought the painting figures walk out gallery and they can enjoy their life. Fortunately, based Kiev, Ukraine, an artist Alexey Kondakov did come true. He created a series of photoshopped images which gods and fairy integrated into modern life where we experienced every day. He named it The Daily Life Of Gods. You are surprised the gods is only an ordinary mortal like us, who need take the metro, bus and be quite coffee shop and so on. (I thinking too much). If I do, You’d give me feedback after watching them.

“I realized that the heroes of these masterpieces were simply looking to spend quality time [together], like us” he explain.

That’s awesome. In future, don’t surprised at classical panting figures when you walk in the street yet. Because gods with us.

(Source: fubiz | Mymodernmet)

Share it. The sunshine today is pretty brilliant. I really want to enjoy the sky with you.

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