The boy’s picture go viral before, His live will break your heart.

In Xinjie Yunnan Province of China, ZhuanShanBao Primary School received $15,000 donation, hearting equipment an warm set of clothes. In addition, local government pave the new roads on gully. It’s not easy to come of all that.

What is the reason that led to this sort of assistance as you know, it thanks to one picture go viral on internet which dubbed one boy as “Ice Boy”.  His name WangFuMang, 8-years-old. It was hard to believe icicles instead of his hair and eyebrows, and even with his burning red cheeks. He walked approximately 3 miles(4.8 km) to his school under 16°F (-9°C) frozen temperature.

As Fu Heng, the headmaster of the primary school, He said “It was the first day of their final exams. The temperatures dropped to minus -9°C in about 30 minutes that morning.” Headmaster claimed the boy lives far away from the school. And he also noted that Wang was laughed at for his classmates. In spite of this, Wang maintains a positive attitude to facing his leaning and his life that living in extreme poverty. That’s crazy. More details of the story, scroll your mouse to check out how was able to ignite your heart by the boy’s willpower.

(Source: Weibo)

Chinese boy, WangFuMang, 8-years-old, who has been dubbed “Ice Boy” on internet.

Everyday child had to walked 3 approximately 3 miles(4.8 km) to his school.

Headmaster recalled that the temperatures dropped to 16°F (-9°C) that morning.

Headmaster admitted that school haven’t heaters to help pupils warm up due to a lack of funding.

And claimed the boy lives far away from school.

It was the first day of their final exams.

The hand looked chapped and wizened, not a boy’s.

Everyday the only go to school is across the gully.

And even heading down then drinking from the air-hold if he was thirsty.

Living conditions is extreme poverty.

He spends the most of the time with his sister and grandma, grandpa.

His father and mother had to ventured out as migrants for survival.

Luckily, School has received donations, some of heating equipment and warm clothes from internet, media and local government.

I am proud of his Strong-willed. Wordless choking, my hands Cannot save these children. The only way I can do is let more people pay attention to this problem. And you, can do is sharing this story with others by social media below.

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