You can be Kawaii anime if you follow awesome artist how to drawing.

Anime is best know by Japanese cartoons. It can be draw the best Evil of you or the best Cute of you if you want. Now, try to imagine what’s your appearance in the anime when you follow Robert Dejesus guideline teaching on Youtube.

Take a look at the coolest works below, which entirely takes ordinary strangers’ photographs into anime masterwork.

#1 Selfie, See it?

#2 A basket of bunnies

#3 Bigger eyes.

#4 Pose is perfect.

#5 Big head of Game character.

#6 My, My mouth, Don’t spit out.

#7 Whoa, your hair style.

#8 The cat look like angry.

#9 Ghost Busters

#10 Mmmm, This look like perfect.

#11 Attention, Hey, Salute.

#12 Kawaii

#13 special task

#14 Beauty girl

#15 Look like evil

#16 You seem to have something on mind

#17 Magic

#18 Runrunrun, Gogogo.

#19 How can I call you, Doctor or spy.

#20 I love you, What I say is buddy snowman.

#21 a hint of rebel.

If you start as a noob drawer, You check out his more information from Dejesus website or find instruction here to appoint Dejesus for you by email submitting. All is did because he is amazing talent anime artist.

h/t: anime sketches from photos robert dejesus 

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