Look inside picture what happen zombies mall… it really creepy and kinda fascinating

Due to country sinks into the larger bottomless pit. Zombies malls were popping up all over the states.  And furthermore, online shopping was grown up. As Americans are faced with multiple shopping options. Mall culture ultimately  was about to ending.

Follow our pace, look inside below abandoned mall like severe storm swept all.  it’s really creepy.

#1st Hawthorne Plaza Mall, 1977 ~ 1999. age 22.
#2nd  Cloverleaf mall is leisure place for families. 1972 ~ 2007, age 35.
be familiar  with no smoking banner.
#3rd Woodville Mall,  1969 ~ 2014, age 45
#4th Crestwood Mall, 1956 ~ 2013, age 57
#5th Dixie Square Mall, 1966 ~ 1979, age 13
#6th North Towne Square Mall,  1980 ~ 2005, age 25
#7th Randall Park Mall,  1976 ~ 2009, age 32
#8th Turfland Mall, 1967 ~ 2008, age 41
#9th Rolling Acres Mall, 1975 ~ 2013, age 38

These completely surreal photos what we express in no words. All we do is sit back and watch these buildings were demolished.  As this, the pit will go decaying, forever, forever.

source: buzzfeed

Share this surreal photos to your friend, it’s time wake up.

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