33 pictures cosplayers surprised and confused you by looking way too real.

Recently, Users posted these cosplayer picture which went viral on website. Some of Movies character jump out of the screen and into our real life. None of these is failed, churn out copies a day. Conversely, They had closer became a perfect doppelgänger. From their mannerisms, stance and even face were strictly makeup by keeping improving in every detail. The only difference is villain less threatening, hero more kind and justicial… and even you take a selfie with them. To be honest, It makes me flesh creep to watch of some of them. Check out these picture below, what the hell ghostly doubles was able to get surprised and confused.

(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Katniss, The Scene of cosplay.

#2 Oswald Cobblepot, Bad Guy.

#3 Peyr Baelish.

#4 Jay And Silent Bob, I nearly died laughing.

#5 Wolverine. Stretch your Boneclaw.

#6 Luke And Leia.

#7 Dwight Schrute, Serious person.

#8  Hermione, My childhood’s look.

#9 Tyrion Lannister.

#10  Heroine, Wonder Woman.

#11 Daenerys Targaryen. BTW, You are shooting.

#12 Patrick Bateman

#13 Rick Grimes, Wait, Waittt….. Put down your gun firstly.

#14 Star war, Darth Vader.

#15 Nurse Joker, Are your afraid?

#16 Madonna. A Litter Bit Out Of Kilter.

#17 Terminator. The hero of that year.

#18 Rick Grimes, You had been found.

#19 Pulp Fiction.

#20  Who is he? Sweet Russel from UP.

#21 Mr. T Of The A-Team.

#22 Jack Sparrow, He Go Ashore.

#23 Mad-Eye Moody.

#24 Edward Scissorhands, Tragic story.

#25 Mad Hatter. I love it.

#26 Margaery Tyrell by Xenia Shelkovskaya

#27  Courage The Cowardly Dog. I say the dog that you hug.

#28 Jon Snow

#29 Harly Quinn. I Have Too Much Love This Character.

#30 Ron Burgundy.

#31 Elsa. Without Comment.

#32  Leeloo, Fifth Element. Pro. Cosplay Model.

#33 Mr. Spock From Star Trek. Classic.

When you happened to bump in to Donald Trump in the street, as what you see Donald Trump is Donald Trump, probably, Donal Trump may not Donald Trump. GUESS, “Face Off”. Share these confused cosplayers pictures with others. Hey, Are you me? :-O

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